Latest version

SRBMiner-CN V1.6.7

MD5: cade488ae223b16bb41372b77becdb9b *


What's new ?
  • Now providing binary kernels for popular algos on mainstream cards (Vega56&64&FE, RX470&480&570&580, RX550&560)
  • Auto setup for a lot of cards improved, especially for RX550, RX560
  • A lot of OCL optimizations, mainly on Heavy algos (Heavy, Haven, Bittubev2, Italo)
  • Removed --sendallstales parameter because it is now the default behavior (to send all stale shares)
  • When using algo switching mining time is now showing total mining time, not just for the specific algo
  • Now on every miner start a new log file is created, in the format of date-time in normal mining mode
  • Added parameter --algoswitchmintime