Latest version

SRBMiner-CN V1.6.8

MD5: 9a88b36a8ef2d4116b158c25d06721f6 *


What's new ?
  • New Monero algo added (normalv8)
  • Small speed increase on some cards
  • Fee is now ~0.85% for both normal mode and algo switching mode
  • Faster miner startup
  • Pools with different algos can now be used in pools.txt, miner will re-init on switch
  • Added a new parameter for gpu tuning in gpu_conf : bralock
  • Added more logging in gpu init part
  • Rewritten release of resources on miner shutdown/restart
  • Added parameter --forcedshutdown if you don't want to release resources on exit
  • Fixed bug when setting compute mode on more than 9 cards
  • Fixed a bug showing bad date for 'connected since' and 'average share find time'
  • Gpu hashrate watchdog now won't trigger if user is not connected to a pool
  • reboot_script parameter removed and added 'reboot_script_min_rig_speed' and 'reboot_script_gpu_watchdog' instead
  • API parameters now have to be set in start.bat (--apienable, --apiport, --apirigname) , removed them from config.txt
  • Press 'o' to switch to the previous pool from pools.txt
  • If you add 'stratum+ssl://' before the pool address, TLS will be automatically enabled